Found a Washer Appliance Repair Man in Sherman Oaks

My family moved from the Midwest to Sherman Oaks, California a several years ago. We purchased a fifteen year old home and began to learn about our new surroundings. Having come from a small town in Illinois, we were a bit apprehensive about the stigma surrounding California morality and attitudes, but we were generally surprised at the friendly, warm welcome we received.

Naturally, with a home in that age range, some things needed repair or broke down soon after we settled in. In the small town from which we came, much of the commerce is accomplished with a handshake. For that reason, along with finding a new physician and place of worship, we set about finding a reliable “go to” appliance repair company in Sherman Oaks.


After doing an independent search and polling our neighbors and new friends in the area, we were directed toward Everyday Appliance Repair (is company name). We found them to be reliable and trustworthy. This is of maximum importance, given our background of being comfortably rooted in our community. They repair washers, dryers and refrigerators with promptness and expertise. In fact, when our oven seemed to have roasted it’s final chicken, this occurred during a rough financial patch for us. Replacing a major appliance was decidedly NOT a part of our budget. We contacted these appliance repair folks and they explained their capabilities, gave us a reasonable estimate, and completed the work in a timely manner, saving us hundreds of dollars.

Everyday Appliance Service
Address: Sherman Oaks, CA
Phone:(818) 990-9706

Over the past few years, our family is becoming one of the anchor households in our neighborhood, giving us the opportunity to recommend an appliance repair concern to newcomers. We give them Everyday Appliance Repair’s number with no hesitation, knowing they’ll be as satisfied as we have been.